Where Art Meets Furniture

Welcome to Shobhi, a brand born from a passion for timeless design and an ode to the rich tapestry of Indian craftsmanship. We believe that furniture isn't just about filling a space – it's an expression, a canvas where art comes to life.

Shobhi comes from the house of BestOfBharat, India’s leading Home Decor manufacturer. 

Sustainably Crafted

We recognize the importance of being kind to our planet. That's why every Shobhi product is sustainably sourced and meticulously crafted. When you choose Shobhi, you're not just investing in a piece of furniture, but in a promise to future generations.

Minimalistic Brilliance

In today's world of fast fashion and ephemeral trends, we at Shobhi take a step back to embrace the beauty of simplicity. Our designs embody the core principles of minimalism, ensuring that each piece not only complements your living space but also speaks to the soul with its understated elegance.

Reviving Woven Art

India's woven artistry is a tale told through threads and colors, a narrative that has been passed down generations. It is this narrative that we strive to keep alive. By integrating traditional woven techniques with contemporary design, we are ensuring that a part of India's artistic heritage remains vivid and relevant. Each Shobhi creation is a tapestry of history, skill, and modern aesthetic.

Join Our Journey

At Shobhi.com, we invite you to explore a world where each piece of furniture tells a story. A story of art, of India, and of a brand that believes in blending the traditional with the contemporary. Step into our world, where every corner, curve, and weave is a testament to a legacy of art and craftsmanship. Welcome to Shobhi - where your living space becomes a masterpiece.

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We stand by our products. Everything on the store comes with 1 year iron clad exchange warranty.

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